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Computer and Mobile Repairs

When you have had a device for a while, you start to treat it as if it is invincible. From accidently dropping your phone onto the floor to shoving your laptop into a bag to take to lectures, our devices go through a lot so it’s no wonder every so often they ‘crack under the pressure’.

Broadway3 is conveniently located in Purley, Croydon. We have a specialist team who are able to repair and replace cracked screens such as phones, laptops and computer monitors. With a no fix no fee policy we can assure each of our individual customers that we will try are hardest to cater for your problems. If we are unable to, help come up with another solution.

Cracked screens can not only be inconvenient for you but can also be dangerous! The small shards of glass that can break off when using your phone can lead to cutting not only you but your friends. If your mobile screen does become cracked it can also affect the performance of your phone. This is because modern touch screens operate by registering the electrical current in your finger. If a crack does occur then your phone may take longer to register your request.

Here at Broadway3, we are open six days a week and are able to sort out the damage there and then. This means you will not be without of loved phone for long.

The team at Broadyway3 on Purley Road, Purley have the skills to repair cracked screens on small and large devices. From an iPhone 4 to a big screened dell laptop, every device you bring in will look brand new once our team has finished with it.